If you are looking to find a solution to your backlinks needs, you are at the are right place.

Here at Linkinsert.com, we help you get the most relevant backlinks for your websites from high metrics domains in your niche.  We are a purely white hat link builders and use a standard outreach campaign to get backlinks from thousands of websites owners, hobby professionals and passionate bloggers etc to create a highly customized backlinks campaign for your needs.

We are expert in Niche Edits (also known as Curated backlinks) which is just a fancy name for inserting contextual links on the existing articles of a websites.

Please read our detailed guide on What is Niche Edits to learn more about them.

Our process of finding backlinks for clients is very simple. The clients give us anchor text and URL and we handle the details thereafter. Based on the niche of the client, we find relevant articles on websites that matches with the overall theme of client’s website. Apart from being relevant to client’s websites, the articles must be aged and already indexed in the Google.

Once we find such articles, we start an outreach campaign with these website owners and finalize a deal with them. As per this deal, we suggest a small addition to the existing articles that naturally merge with the articles. In this addition (which is in the form of a small sentence), we add the client’s anchor text and URL thus creating a backlink to his website.

In most cases, this process takes around 2-3 weeks. In lieu of this process of finding relevant backlinks for clients through outreach process, negotiating with webmasters, and finally insert those links in the relevant articles in a natural way , we charge a small fee from our clients.

Our basic philosophy is to let our clients focus on the content creation part and leave the task of backlink creation to us.

Our charges for inserting backlinks through niche edit are very reasonable owing to which we can offer very cost effective prices to our clients.

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