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First a tiny theory (I promise it is not boring, rather very interesting)

Hyperlinks are the backbone of the web. You can not go from one webpage to another without following links on that webpage. When the concept of Search Engine starts in the 90s, the most important factor to determine the relevancy of a webpage is the number of backlinks pointing to that webpage. The more links a webpage has, the more important it would become in the eyes of the Search Engine.

Now, in the third decade of 21st Century, despite having many changes in the alogorithm of Search Engines, the backlinks have remain the most important factor in determining the relevancy of a webpage. The higher the relevance, the higher the ranking of the page in Search results.

For all practical purpose, Google has become a synonym for Search Engine. With 93% market share, every SEO strategy revolves around Google. And backlinks remain one of the three most important ranking factors in Google’s secret algorithm.

So if you have a website, one of the shortest path to climb it to the higher positions in search engine rankings is to create quality backlinks to it. This gives a healthy signal to Google about the relevancyof your website.

Service Offered

Niche EditsNiche Edits is another fancy name for link insertion. It simply means that we find relevant webpage of the same topics and insert links on them pointing to your website. As these existing pages are already indexed in google, your links gets indxed quickly. Read details here
Guest PostWe provide Guest posts in high trafficked websites. In this option, we give you a list of websites to choose from. Read details here
Edu Guest PostWe also offer guest posts on high authority edu domains like This ensure a quick surge in your organic ranking. Read details here


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